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PolyLC Switzerland, Europe, Germany, Austria | HPLC Columns Purification and Analysis of Proteins and Peptides


Chromatographic Technologies is an official distributor of high quality products for protein and peptide purification from PolyLC, including PolyCAT A, PolyHYDROXYETHYL A, PolySULFOETHYL A, PolyWAX LP, PolySAX LP, PolyGLYCOPLEX A and a range of different columns of varying hydrophobicity (PolyETHYL A, PolyMETHYL A, PolyPROPYL A, PolyBUTYL A, PolyPENTYL A, PolyHEXYL A, PolyHEPTYL A, PolyOCTYL A, PolyNONYL A and PolyDECYL A) for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC). These products are distributed mostly to Switzerland, Germany and Austria (Schweiz, Deutschland, Osterreich), but may also be ordered from other European countries. PolyHYDROXYETHYL A columns may be used for size exclusion chromatography (SEC) in addition to the well-publicized technique of Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC), a term coined by Andrew Alpert, CEO and founder of PolyLC.


UPDATE: The PolyLC materials PolyCAT A (cation exchange, the gold standard for hemoglobin analysis), PolyWAX LP (weak anion exchange) and PolyPROPYL A (hydrophobic interaction chromatography) are now available in 2-µm particle size, in addition to the usual range of columns in 3-µm and 5-µm particle sizes. At this stage, the 2-µm particle size materials are only available in pore sizes of 1000-Å or 1500-Å. However, alternative pore sizes could be prepared if there were sufficient demand. The 2-µm particle size materials have been demonstrated by customers to show significant improvement in resolution over the 3-µm materials. For further details, contact Chromatographic Technologies


PolyLC Inc. has developed unique materials and methods for HPLC of proteins and peptides. The polypeptide-based coatings permit the resolution of many mixtures not possible with other methods. Poly LC Inc.'s product line includes columns and cartridges for Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography, Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography, cation exchange of peptides, selective removal of SDS from peptide digests, anion-exchange of proteins, and HPLC of complex carbohydrates. PolyLC Inc. can offer technical support for the most difficult biochemical separations. All of PolyLC's materials are available from Poly LC as Glygen's NuTips or TopTips.



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